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Specialized Programming!

Custom Designed Programs catored to meet the needs of all organizations and individuls.

School Field Trips

Inspire Sports Victoria does school field trips for Grades K-12 for a structured 1-1.5 hour class that fosters the principles of LTAD and focus on developing the 3 F's of Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals!😃

University Physical Literacy Curriculum

This structured semester based 2-4 week curriculum on Physical Literacy breaks down Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP's) and Movement Competency Performance (MCP's) into both a Biomechanical and Long Term Developmental breakdown. 🧐

Special Needs

Inclusive is what we strive to be!

Inspire Sports Victoria is a fully accesible facility that has programming for ALL! We are proud to have members from many great community groups finding new ways to adapt movement to everyones unique needs! 👍🏽

Team Building Exercises

Team bonding, team building, training camps, sports team cross training? We do it all!! 

Inspire Sports Victoria has worked with groups from Equestrian Horse Vaulters,  all the way to National Teams and more!! 

Will you be next? 😃

To Learn More About Any Of The Above Please Click The Email Link Below and Chat With One Of Our Aweomse Staff!

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