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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Boasting Vancouver Islands Largest Gymnastics Facility, Inspire is located in the most convent of locations at the merging of Victoria's two major highways serving all people in the southern tip of Vancouver Island. 

With over 2500 members and 60 staff, Inspire is a second home to a large percentage of the Victoria Population with membership as young at 14 months and as old as 82.

Get to know us, our team, and our mission / vision / values below on this page.

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Mission / Vision / Values

The Mission:

 Inspire Sports Victoria will provide excellent gymnastics programming to ALL people, ALL ages, ALL abilities to promote physical literacy. We will provide the opportunity for gymnasts and coaches to develop their full potential and grow with our ever-expanding company.


The Vision:

To become the Center of Excellence for physical literacy through the highest quality of gymnastics education in the city, province, and country.


The Values:

*We believe in international culture and immersion to diversify knowledge and experience.

*We believe in safety through education at all levels.

*We believe that gymnastics is the best foundational sport to develop physical literacy.

*We believe that physical literacy is the basis for life long fitness and health.

*We believe that physical literacy can be achieved by ALL.

*We believe that physical literacy should be FUN.

Meet The Operational Team

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