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Specialized Sports Specific Programming

Are you involved in sports? Looking to improve your game, increase your level, or just further develop specific skills and muscles? Inspire Sports Victoria offers customized programs designed around the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development Model that caters to the needs of individuals, groups, or sports teams to help accomplish their goals in the sporting world. For more information on our programming, contact us:

Tumbling for Dance and Cheer

Are you a Cheerleader or Dancer? Looking to improve the acrobatic / tumbling aspects of your sport. This is the program for you.

Dansko Cooperation

Inspire Sports Victoria is proud to work with Dansko and their amazing competitive dance team in an intensive acrobatic program to accelerate the elite dancers strength, tumbling, and acrobatics.

Canadian Sports School (CSC)

Inspire Sports Victoria is proud to work with the Canadian Sports School through the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) to help Victoria's high performance athletes of all sports with Physical Literacy, providing an amazing  foundational skill set through gymnastics tranferable and beneficial to all!

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